Depression Dialect – What We Say vs What We Mean

Everyone, with or without mental illness, don't always say what they mean. It can be a real maze trying to decipher what people are really thinking. Maybe this mini-guide to what people with mental illness say and actually mean will help ...   When we cancel last minute What we say: “I’m so sorry I [...]


10 Things That Got Me Through My Hypomania

I was originally going to call this post '10 Things That Got Me Through My Mental Breakdown’ but I try to avoid using the term ‘mental breakdown’ as I don’t really like it. But essentially, I am referring to my ‘mental breakdown’ that I had in March and the recovery process that has followed. ‘Hypomania’ [...]

LIFE OF MI: My first book!

Well, what an incredible few weeks it has been! At the beginning of the year I was sitting in bed on my laptop. My boyfriend walked into the bedroom and asked what I was doing. I sat there for a moment debating whether to tell him the truth or not. I then decided that I [...]

Bipolar Diary: Trainspotting and Teachings

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my last Bipolar update. As per my previous post things are still a bit up and down, which is to be expected. But I have also learnt a lot in this time. Although there have still been ups and downs, the disparity between the highs and lows [...]

Bipolar Diary: Week one vs the weak one

A week has passed since my Bipolar II diagnosis, so it seems like a logical time to review how everything is going. Well, I guess in short, Ronan Keating really knew what he was talking about when he said ‘life is a rollercoaster’. That insightful little leprechaun. In the run up to my diagnosis, I [...]

Me and Bipolar II – Just The Two Of Us

Hey guys! So, I have been a bit quiet recently, both on the blog and generally. A lot has been going on recently but the very, very, verrrry brief version of events is that I had a mental breakdown about four weeks ago. I have since received so much help and support from friends and [...]

What is depression?

What is depression? Depression is not being able to get out of bed Depression is the tedious ticking of never-ending time Depression is an impenetrable bubble of vacantness Depression is standing at the top of the tallest tower, consumed with vertigo Depression is never being good enough Depression is the muffled sound of an agonised [...]

9 things you may not know about anxiety – Guest post from Rachel Relates

You may have seen that I recently guest wrote on Rachel Relates blog (if you didn't, then why not?!) and she has very kindly returned the favour for me. Here's her brief insight to anxiety and what it's really like. Don't forget to check out her blog as well at   Anxiety is one of [...]

Dear Loved Ones – an open apology

Dear friends, family and mere acquaintances Sorry for seeming like a bit of an annoying twat sometimes. Love from Everyone with depression X To echo my sentiments in previous posts, it can be really hard for those who don't suffer with depression to understand the illness or the effect it has on suffers. Similarly, it [...]

Exams and Epiphanies

6:10 - alarm goes off 6:15 - alarm goes off 6:20 - alarm goes off "Kirsty, it's twenty past six. You need to get up" "No I don't" 6:25 - alarm goes off 6:30 - alarm goes off "Kirsty, it's 6:30" "What's your fucking point?" 6:35 - alarm goes off "Kirsty, you ne-" "Jon, can [...]